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Ep. 25: Stockholm Syndrome? - SWEDEN Rocks!

Episode Summary

Come view the Northern Lights with us as we travel to the Kingdom of Sweden, or as it is now known: The Epicenter of Rock n’ Punk n’ Metal! We explore many of the bands that have combined all of the things we love about music into this amazing high-energy mix of amazing Swedish rock music. While many of these bands are not super-obscure to Swedes or other Europeans, they are fairly unknown here in the States; which is a complete travesty! Join us as we get lost in the Ikea or rock music with us this week!

Episode Notes

Our hope is that we turn you on to something new, and what better way than highlighting all of the genres we cover from a specific area of the globe. Apologies for any mispronunciations of Swedish names! Hope ya dig in and appreciate the amazing sound of Sweden!

Songs this week include:

  1. Backyard Babies – “Minus Celsius” from Stockholm Syndrome (2003)
  2. Thundermother – “Driving In Style” from Heat Wave (2020) 
  3. Free Fall – “Free Fall” from Power & Volume (2013)
  4. The Hellacopters – “Envious” from High Visibility (2000)
  5. Sahara Hotnights – “On Top Of Your World” from Jennie Bomb (2002)
  6. Hardcore Superstar – “She’s Offbeat” from Hardcore Superstar (2005)
  7. Beardfish – “King” from +4626 - Comfortzone (2015)

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