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Ep. 26: Degrees Of Separation... KING'S X

Episode Summary

In Ep. 26 Kevin & Robert begin a new series called, “Degrees Of Separation…” where will discuss the more obscure side projects and solo releases from some not-so-obscure bands. To kick off the inaugural episode, Kevin digs into one of his favorite bands; King’s X. Join us as we excavate dUg, Ty, and Jerry’s past projects outside of the groove machine that is King’s X!

Episode Notes

New to InObscuria? It’s all about digging up obscure Rock n' Punk n' Metal from one of 3 categories: the Lost, the Forgotten, or the Should Have Beens. While we may be talking about a band that many of you know in this episode, perhaps you are not aware of the depth of side projects that they have had over their long career. Our hope is that we turn you on to something new!

Songs this week include:

  1. Jughead – “Be Like You” from Jughead (2002)
  2. The Mob – “One Track Mind” from The Mob (2005) 
  3. The Jelly Jam – “Memphis” from Profit (2016)
  4. Pinnick Gales Pridgen – “Like You Used To Do” from PGP2 (2014)
  5. Jerry Gaskill – “Hypothetical” from Love & Scars (2015)
  6. Platypus – “I’m With You” from When Pus Comes To Shove (1998)
  7. Supershine – “Shinin’ On” from Supershine (2000)

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