InObscuria Podcast

Ep. 28: Under The Grunge

Episode Summary

This week we put on our Doc Martins and hike over to the Pacific Northwest to the dawn of GRUNGE! We discuss the bands just outside the usual suspects of Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, and Pearl Jam. Your hosts remember this time fondly, as we were young adults when the Seattle scene invaded all rock n’ roll avenues in the US. In retrospect, this sounds like less of a movement and more of a melting pot of many of the genres that had been established in silos during the 70s and 80s. What do you think?

Episode Notes

This episode features songs from bands outside the big 4 of grunge, but we don’t think you’ll be totally surprised. Many of these groups had similarities with the producers that were chosen; namely: Jack Endino, Butch Vig, and Steve Albini. A perfect amalgam of punk, classic rock, and metal is right in Kevin’s wheelhouse, and we find out the impact this had on Robert’s musical path. We discuss the origins of the movement; and have a lot of fun reminiscing about this unique time in rock history. Come jump on the hike with us to grab a Starbucks and some flannel.

Songs this week include:

  1. Skin Yard – “No Right” from Fist Sized Chunks (1990)
  2. L7 – “Wargasm” from Bricks Are Heavy (1992) 
  3. Scream – “Land Torn Down” from Fumble (1993)
  4. Overwhelming Colorfast – “Try” from Overwhelming Colorfast (1992)
  5. TAD – “Delinquent” from 8-Way Santa (1991)
  6. Babes In Toyland – “Bluebell” from Frontanelle (1992)
  7. Gruntruck – “Body Farm” from Push (1992)

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