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Ep. 32: Acid Rock n' Proto Metal From The Crypt Vol. II

Episode Summary

Welcome back my friends to Ep. 32 of the InObscuria Podcast! This week our rock n’ roll grave robbers dig deep into the 1970s Acid Rock n’ Proto Metal crypt to unearth some obscure bands that helped influence and mold what would become known as Heavy Metal. This is the second volume of our deep dive into the trippy and groovy beginnings of the heavy stuff!

Episode Notes

What is it that we do here at InObscuria? Well, we exhume obscure Rock n' Punk n' Metal in one of 3 categories: the Lost, the Forgotten, or the Should Have Beens. This particular episode is planted firmly in the: FORGOTTEN category, as all of these recordings occurred between 1971 – 1975. However, one of these bands didn’t actually see the release of some of this material until 2001! 

As always, our hope is that we turn you on to something new in a genre and decade that you may have thought you already knew everything there was to know.

Songs this week include:

  1. Attila – “Wonder Woman” from Attlia (1970)
  2. Leaf Hound – “Stray” from Growers Of Mushrooms (1971)
  3. Strife – “Man Of The Wilderness” from Rush (1975)
  4. Granicus – “Hollywood Star” from Thieves, Liars, and Traitors (1974)
  5. Pentagram – “When The Screams Come” from First Daze Here (2001)
  6. Armegeddon – “Paths and Plains and Future Gains” from Armegeddon (1975)
  7. Road – “Spaceship Earth” from Road (1972)

Links we discussed in the episode: Attila / Billy Joel album cover:

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