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Ep. 44: Made By METALLICA

Episode Summary

In Ep. 44 Kevin & Robert are hella stoked to discuss some obscure bands that got their golden ticket from the one and only: METALLICA! As kids of the 80s, both of your hosts were greatly influenced by ‘Tallica and are both huge fans of the cover songs that they’ve played over the last 40-ish years. What impact did this icon of a band have on some of these more underground and obscure bands, and what do the boys really think about the state of fast food today??? All this and more this week!

Episode Notes

Kevin did not visit his ancestors in the old family crypt for inspiration this week. This episode is the second one to be brought to you from the mind of Robert Harrison. Although most everyone has had there fill of many of these band’s songs covered by ‘Tallica on terrestrial radio and in concert; our hope is that we turn you on to something new by exposing some other material that we think Metallica should cover.

Songs this week include:

  1. Diamond Head – “Wizard Sleeve” from Diamond Head (2016)
  2. Budgie – “Whiskey River” from Squawk (1972)
  3. Blitzkrieg – “Saviour” from A Time Of Changes (1985)
  4. Killing Joke – “Eighties” from Laugh? I Nearly Bought One (1992)
  5. Nazareth – “Born To Love” from Play ‘N’ The Game (1976)
  6. Misfits – “Skulls” from Walk Among Us (1982)
  7. Holocaust – “Heavy Metal Mania” from Single (1980)

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