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Ep. 46: 90s Rock n' Punk n' Metal Time Capsule

Episode Summary

This week we look back all the way to episode #1 of our podcast to bring you Volume 2 of our 90s Time Capsule! While digging around in the family tomb, Kevin found several mixed tapes from the era and decided to play a couple of the tunes found on them. The 90s were also when your hosts met and decided to form a band of their own. Lots of indulgent nostalgia in this episode. We hope you join us for the ride!

Episode Notes

What is it we do here at InObscuria? Every show Kevin opens the crypt to exhume and dissect from his personal collection; an artist, album, or collection of tunes from the broad spectrum of rock, punk, and metal. Robert is forced to test his endurance and provide feedback, as he has no idea what he will be subjected to every week. Our hope is that we turn you on to something that was lost on your ears, or something you've simply forgotten about, or that (in our opinion) should have been the next big thing.

Songs this week include:

  1. Therapy? – “Screamager” from Hats Off To The Insane (1993)
  2. Holy Barbarians – “Bodhisattva” from Cream (1996)
  3. Mother Superior – “DTMMYFG” from Deep (1998)
  4. Pushmonkey – “Ashtray Red” from Pushmonkey (1998)
  5. Blackeyed Susan – “She’s So Fine” from Electric Rattlebone (1991)
  6. Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – “Floote” from Brainbloodvolume (1995)
  7. Lit – “My World” from Tripping The Light Fantastic (1997)

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