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Ep. 47: Chewed Up & Spit Out - 1970s Glam Rock

Episode Summary

In Ep. 47 Kevin & Robert scrape that old bubble gum off the floors to crypt to unearth a time when bad teeth, loud hair, big boots, and lots of glitter were absolutely bubblicious! That’s right my lovely lads and gals; we are diggin’ up 70s Glam Rock! It is October, so be prepared to be creeped out as well! Join us as we chew up & spit out the finest lost decadent gems from the 70s!

Episode Notes

What is it we do here at InObscuria? Every show Kevin opens the crypt to exhume and dissect from his personal collection: an artist, album, or collection of tunes from the broad spectrum of rock, punk, and metal. While many people know about the movement and the handful of artists in the spotlight of this genre; not many know the depth and scope of bands that donned bedazzled unitards and glittery bellbottoms. Our hope is that we turn you on to something new and, dare we say; fabulous this week!

Songs this week include:

  1. The Glitter Band – “Just For You” from Hey! (1974)
  2. Blackfoot Sue – “Sing Don’t Speak” from Nothing To Hide (1973)
  3. Screemer – “Interplanetary Twist” from Interplanetary Twist (1976)
  4. Silverhead – “Heavy Hammer” from 16 & Savaged (1973)
  5. Sparks – “Don’t Leave Me Alone With Her” from Propaganda (1974)
  6. Hello – “Another School Day” from Keeps Us Off The Streets (1976)
  7. Heavy Metal Kids – “Skualliday Inn” from Kitsch (1976)

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