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Ep. 67: More Shock & Awe: Japanese Visual Kei Vol.2

Episode Summary

In Ep. 67 Kevin & Robert return to the land of the rising sun to dig further into the uniquely Japanese genre of Visual Kei. A movement that was a Japanese interpretation of all-things rock n’ punk n’ metal n’ beyond that started in the late 1980s with bands like X Japan. The genre has splintered into several sub-genres over the last 40-years while the appeal and reach of the music is an international phenomenon. For a full history, go visit Ep. 13! This week we dive further into the various waves of the movement that is still going strong today!

Episode Notes

This episode again tests Robert’s endurance as he listens to music outside of his wheelhouse. We do apologize in advance to Japanese and Japanese-speaking people for all mispronunciations and extreme naivete of Japanese culture and history! This is completely a Westerner’s take on Visual Kei and J-rock culture. Make sure you have YouTube or Google Images available as you listen, so that you can get the full effect of this very visual genre!

Our hope is that we turn you on to something new!

Songs this week include:

  1. exist†trace – “I’m Still Not Dead” from The Only Garden (2020)
  2. BUCK-TICK – “青の世界 – Blue World” from Darker Than Darkness – Style 93 (1993)
  3. quaff – “aeon” from THE EXPLOSION (2009)
  4. Esprit D’Air – “Shizuku” from Shizuku – Rock Band 3: Single (2012)
  5. DELUHI - “Freedom” from VISVASRIT (2008)
  6. Nightmare – “Kabuki Logical” from Ultimate Circus (2003)
  7. Phantasmagoria – “NEVER REBELION” from REQUIEM-FUNERAL EDITION (2007)
  8. Plastic Tree – “Sabbath” from Nega to Poji (2007)
  9. SEX MACHINEGUNS – “Hoojirozame no higeki” from IGNITION (2002)

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