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Ep. 68: Grave Mistake: ATLANTA Bands That Shoulda Been Huge!!!

Episode Summary

Our good friend Jeremy Zamora joins us this week for our eighth installment of an ongoing series called “Grave Mistakes: They Shoulda Been Huge!!!”. This is a very special episode that hits close to home, as we feature 3 ATL bands that were active in the late 90s – early 00s that shoulda been huge: INJECTED, dOUBLEDRIVE, and MARVELOUS 3! Although they all had major-label albums, all 3 were never able to realize their full potential as some of rock’s elite. For various reasons, each of these bands had to suffer through the “music business” in lieu of their art. The gang all agree that these 3 bands deserved more and shoulda been huge on a global scale! PLUS: We let you hear an exclusive unreleased INJECTED song!

Episode Notes

This episode is obviously rooted firmly in our Should Have Been category. Each of these bands came up through the local Atlanta scene in the mid-to-late 90s, when some rock critics and magazines had predicted that Atlanta would be the next “Seattle” with a hot-bed of talented alternative rock and metal bands. These 3 bands got signed, put out some fantastic albums, and enjoyed some level of mainstream success. We think they SHOULDA BEEN HUGE!!! We hope we either re-introduce you to these bands or turn you on to something new!

Songs this week include:

  1. Injected – “Bullet” from Burn It Black(2002)
  2. Injected – “Death Ray” from The Truth About You (2017)
  3. Injected – “Westworld” from The Truth About You Sessions (2006)
  4. doubleDrive – “Sacrifice” from 1,000 Yard Stare (1999)
  5. doubleDrive - “11:59” from Blue In The Face (2003)
  6. Marvelous 3 – “Valium” from Math And Other Problems (1997)
  7. Marvelous 3 – “#27” from Hey!Album (1999)
  8. Marvelous 3 – “Radio Tokyo” from ReadySexGo (2000)

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