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Ep. 69: Beneath The Hair Vol. 3 - Forgotten Glam Metal - New Growth

Episode Summary

This week InObscuria once again lets our hair down and fills it full of Aquanet! That’s right… we are again diving hair-first into the world of obscure glam metal. Whether you call it: glam metal, hair metal, cock rock, hard rock… this time we are focusing on bands from the last 20-years that have carried the torch of the 80s by fully embracing the Sunset Strip sound and vision! Hope you dig.

Episode Notes

What are we all about here at InObscuria? Every week your two hosts crawl down to the crypts to exhume obscure Rock n' Punk n' Metal in one of 3 categories: the Lost, the Forgotten, or the Should Have Beens. If you dig it… go dig it up and buy it! Support these artists and keep your devil horns high in the air!

Songs this week include:

  1. Whiskey Lies – “Don’t Think” from Don’t Think (2015)
  2. Crazy Lixx – “Pure Desire” from Loud Minority (2007) 
  3. EndeverafteR – “Let Go” from Kiss Or Kill (2007)
  4. Mad Margritt – “Don’t Say A Word” from Animal (2007)
  5. M!ss Crazy – “Scream” from M!ss Crazy (2006)
  6. Rye Coalition – “Between An I-Roc And A Hard Place” from Curses (2006)
  7. The Last Vegas – “Another Lover” from The Last Vegas (2008)

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