InObscuria Podcast

Ep. 70: sensitive dEMOns

Episode Summary

Watch the emotions get out of control this week as your two co-hosts suffer love and hate over the off-shoot genre of punk rock known as Emo! One champions this movement, while the other suffers in misery… Seems fitting for a polarizing genre of music that became successfully hated in the early 2000s due to a handful of bands that exploited the culture and fashion more than the music. Hop on for the ride and grab a box of tissues!

Episode Notes

What’s this InObscuria thing? We’re a podcast that exhumes obscure Rock n' Punk n' Metal and puts them in one of 3 categories: the Lost, the Forgotten, or the Should Have Beens. This episode deals more with the Hated… er, uh we mean the Forgotten. Where do your emotions lie on this sensitive subject? We hope we turn you on to something new!

Songs this week include:

  1. The Get Up Kids – “Forgive And Forget” from Eudora (2001)
  2. Breaking Pangaea – “Worst Part” from Phoenix (2003) 
  3. Armor For Sleep – “Dream To Make Believe” from Dream To Make Believe (2003)
  4. Hot Rod Circuit – “Now Or Never” from Sorry About Tomorrow (2002)
  5. At The Drive-In – “Pattern Against User” from The Relationship Of Command (2000)
  6. Spitalfield – “Those Days You Felt Alive” from Remember Right Now (2003)
  7. The Starting Line – “Leaving” from Say It Like You Mean It (2002)

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