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Ep. 71: B Very Afraid! - Lost B-Sides & Re-Mixes

Episode Summary

This week we have some very obscure songs from major mainstream artists that you know! That’s right; LOST songs in the form of B-Sides and Re-mixes fall somewhere outside of the norm for these artists. Musicians often want to stretch outside of their usual repertoire, however, producers and labels like to keep things cohesive and flowing. So, these types of songs usually end up as B-Sides or bonus tracks and can be quite hard to find… Leave it to us to curate these sonic treasures for your enjoyment!

Episode Notes

New to InObscuria? It’s all about digging up obscure Rock n' Punk n' Metal from one of 3 categories: the Lost, the Forgotten, or the Should Have Beens. In this episode we cover some Lost recordings that we think will bring pleasure to your earholes! Beware: These songs will not sound like the artists’ typical fare. These are way left of center tracks that were not selected as album content. Have fun with these… Besides, that’s what we are here for (see what we did there?)!

Songs this week include:

  1. Halestorm – “Lzzy’s A Gangsta” from Queen B’s (2011)
  2. U2 – “Communik8” from Pop Mart Tour (1997) 
  3. Mayhem – “Satan’s Dragons Are In The Upside Down” from Mayhem Fan Club: Merry Pagan Christmas (2018)
  4. Jimi Hendrix / Janis Joplin – “Angel” from Lost Live Recordings (1971)
  5. Deftones – “St. ASS (St. Anger Snare Syndrome)” from Black Pony (White Pony B-Sides) (2000)
  6. Fela Kuti w/ Issac Hayes – “Lagos Lover” from Lost Loves (1999)

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April Foolishness: 1. tUnE-yArDs – “Gangsta” from W H O K I L L (2011), 2. Flickerstick – “Direct Line To The Telepathic” from Causing A Catastrophe - Live (2002), 3. Waveshaper – “The Space Hero” from Station Nova (2016), 4. Fiona Apple – “Angel” from Mtv Unplugged (1997), 5. Poets Of Rhythm – “Smiling While Your Crying” from Big Daddy Volume 3: The Showtopper (2002), 6. Marillion – “Neverland” from Marbles (2004)