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Ep. 72: Under The Grunge Part 2

Episode Summary

This week we once again lace up our Doc Martins and hike over to the Pacific Northwest to the dawn of GRUNGE! In this episode, we celebrate our pal Bakko’s journey through Rolling Stone’s Top 25 Grunge albums in his sidecast called, “Whatever, Nevermind” which has been featured bi-weekly on the Cobras & Fire Podcast. He’s getting down to the final couple of albums on that list, and somehow Kevin finagled his way onto the album #2 episode. We take a different approach and discuss the bands just outside the usual suspects of Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, and Pearl Jam. Your hosts remember this time fondly, as we were young adults when the Seattle scene invaded all rock n’ roll avenues in the US.

Episode Notes

This episode features songs from bands outside the big 4 of grunge, but we don’t think you’ll be totally surprised. A perfect amalgam of punk, classic rock, and metal is right in Kevin’s wheelhouse, and we continue to find out more about the impact this had on Robert’s musical path. We have a lot of fun reminiscing about this unique time in rock history. Grab a Starbucks and some flannel, and jump on the hike with us this week!

Songs this week include:

  1. Urge Overkill – “Tequila Sunrise” from Saturation (1993)
  2. PAW – “Sleeping Bag” from Dragline (1993)
  3. Sweet Water – “King Of ‘79” from Sweet Water (1993)
  4. The Toadies – “Mister Love” from Rubberneck (1994)
  5. Wool – “Clear My Head” from Budspawn (1992)
  6. Life Sex & Death – “Tank” from The Silent Majority (1992)
  7. Wipers – “Silver Sail” from Silver Sail (1993)

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