InObscuria Podcast

Ep. 83: Ghost-Fest 2021

Episode Summary

InObscuria Podcast proudly presents: one night, and one night only, the first annual Ghost-Fest live at the Old Smyrna Firehouse! This event is floating room only for all spirits, specters, wraiths, phantoms, and ghouls! Featuring performances by the living, the dead… and the living dead.

Episode Notes

What is it we do here at InObscuria? Every show Kevin opens the crypt to exhume and dissect from his personal collection; an artist, album, or collection of tunes from the broad spectrum of rock, punk, and metal. This week we put on our very own festival showcase of bands that kicked ass live! Our hope is that we turn you on to something new.

Songs this week include:

  1. Seduce – “Viper’s Bite” from Live At The Ritz (1984)
  2. Streetheart – “You’re Not The Only One” from Live After Dark (1983)
  3. Warrior Soul – “Blown (Bonus Live Track)” from Salutations From The Ghetto Nation (1992)
  4. Ningen Isu – “Mishiranu Sekai” from Ifuudoudou – Ningen Isu Live (2017)
  5. Trust – “Instinct De Mort” from Still A*Live (2007)
  6. Thundermother – “Thunderous” from Heat Wave Deluxe Edition (2021)
  7. 24-7 Spyz – “John Connelly’s Theory / New Super Hero Worship” from Can You Hear The Sound? (Greatest Hits Live) (2006)
  8. Motorhead – “(We Are) The Road Crew” from No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith (1981)

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