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Ep. 84: Grave Mistake: SPIDER MONKEY Shoulda Been Huge!!!

Episode Summary

This week we give you the 13th installment of an ongoing series called “Grave Mistakes: They Shoulda Been Huge!!!”. This go around we focus on an unsigned band from the 90s that should have been a household name. A power poppin’, funky-punkin’ tour de force known as: SPIDER MONKEY! Hands down one of the best live acts of all time! Do yourself a favor and check them out on Spotify, YouTube, or iTunes now! You need this band in your life.

Episode Notes

This episode is obviously rooted firmly in our Should Have Been category. This is a band that comes in at combined weight of 666 lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal! In this corner we have: SPIDER MONKEY… And the crowd goes wild!!! We think they SHOULDA BEEN HUGE!!! Why this band were never signed to a major label with distribution around the globe is a complete travesty. Go check them out now:

Songs this week include:

  1. “In The House” from Live (1994)
  2. “Famous” from Road Dogs (1993)
  3. “Whoda” from Live (1994)
  4. “Motivate” from Motivator (1995)
  5. “Ahh Yeah” from Frenzy (1996)
  6. “Fever” from Insatiable (1997)
  7. “Good Thing” from Good Thing - Single (2018)
  8. “The Booby Song” from Frenzy (1996)

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