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Ep. 91: Rock N Pod WILD CARD

Episode Summary

This week is the finale of our coverage of the Nashville Rock N Pod Expo 2021! As we have hinted at for months, we played a little game at the Rock N Pod Expo with the brightest podcasters and artists. If you’ve listened to the show before, you know this is called WILD CARD… Usually, a drinking game, this time around it was a competition for the finest “podded meat” around… sell your soul to the Deviled Ham. Open a can and play along at home!

Episode Notes

What is it that we do here at InObscuria? Well, we exhume obscure Rock n' Punk n' Metal. We were super-stoked to go to the Rock N Pod in Nashville, TN this year! What was it you ask??? Rock N Pod is a unique annual event bringing together rock fans, artists, podcasters, and vendors for events that celebrate the past, promote the present, and look to the future of rock n’ roll. This episode focuses on our third installment of an ongoing game series called; WILD CARD! See if this amazing roster of artists and podcasters can guess these obscure rock n’ roll gems! Hope we turn you on to something new…

Songs this week include:

  1. Warrior – “Ruler” from Fighting For The Earth (1985) - with Brad Rusthoven / Slamfest Podcast
  2. Spooky Tooth – “Don’t Ever Stray Away” from Witness (1973) - with ACCEPT – Christopher Williams
  3. Tigertailz – “She’z Too Hot” from Young And Crazy (1987) - with ACCEPT – Martin Motnik
  4. Madam X – “She’s Hot Tonight” from We Reserve The Right (1984) - with Matt Rusthoven / Slamfest Podcast
  5. Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction – “Skull Spark Joker” from Tattooed Beat Messiah (1988) - with Steve Wright / Podder Than Hell
  6. Eyes – “Every Single Minute” from Eyes (1990) - with Bakko & Loose Cannon / Cobras & Fire
  7. Pride Tiger – “It’s Only You” from The Lucky Ones (2007) - with Bakko & Loose Cannon / Cobras & Fire
  8. Icon – “Missing” from Night Of The Crime (1985) - with Bakko & Loose Cannon / Cobras & Fire
  9. Budgie – “I Ain’t No Mountain” from Bandolier (1975) - with HAMMER DOWN HARD / Lonnie Hammer
  10. Steve Stevens – “Soul On Ice” from Atomic Playboys (1989) - with Sonny Pooni / Growin’ Up Rock – PRC & Brad Rusthoven / Slamfest Podcast
  11. Gun – “Better Days” from Taking On The World (1989) - with Sonny Pooni / Growin’ Up Rock – PRC & Brad Rusthoven / Slamfest Podcast
  12. Slade – “Razzle Dazzle Man” from The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome (1983) - with Sonny Pooni / Growin’ Up Rock – PRC & Brad Rusthoven / Slamfest Podcast
  13. Nutz – “I Know The Feeling” from Tightened Up! (Live in Nottingham) (1977) - with Big Al / Ages Of Rock – A2Z Radio & Bill Elam / A2Z Radio 
  14. Axis – “Soldier Of Love” from It’s A Circus World (1978) - with Big Al / Ages Of Rock – A2Z Radio & Bill Elam / A2Z Radio  

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